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Rock Springs/Kelly Park: What you need for a day at the spring.

Welcome to Rock Springs/Kelly Park, located in Apopka, Florida, where adventure and relaxation meet in perfect harmony! Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, Rock Springs promises a memorable escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This gem nestled in the heart of Apopka is a breathtaking park filled with clear blue springs, a lazy river, and an abundance of natural wonders. So pack your bags with the items listed in this article, gather your friends and family, and let's dive into this extraordinary oasis.

As the sun rises, illuminating the lush greenery, you can feel the excitement building in the air as most people are waiting till the sun starts beaming down to get in the cold spring water. People tend to head out early to Rock Springs/Kelly Park before the park gets packed and the entrance closes. It's first come, first serve around here and If you're not in the gate before the park reaches max capacity you missed your chance.

The first item on your list of must-haves is sunblock. With the Florida sunshine beaming down on you, it's crucial to protect your skin from those powerful rays. Lather up and get ready to soak in the sunshine. Oh, and trust that Florida sun will shine.

Next up is bug repellant. While the flora and fauna at Rock Springs State Park are undoubtedly enchanting, mosquitoes and other tiny critters will try to join the party. Be prepared to ward them off and keep those pesky insects at bay. A little bug repellant goes a long way in ensuring a bug-free adventure. If you chose not to bring bug repellant because you don't like how it feels try another alternative like a mosquito repelling candle or light, or mosquito repelling bracelets. Whatever you chose to bring is fine just bring something or prepare to get eaten alive.

Now that you're protected from the elements, let's talk about your base camp. A tent and chairs are essential for creating a cozy and comfortable retreat amidst nature's embrace. Set up camp near the clear blue springs, where the mesmerizing water will serenade you with its gentle symphony. As you lounge in your camp chairs, you'll feel the stress of everyday life melt away. The Florida sun gets high and hot but the tent will keep you and your items shaded and cool.

If you have sensitive feet, like myself, bring water shoes. Its called Rock Springs for a reason and if you don't want to stub your toes or scratch your feet, I highly suggest water shoes. Get a pair that is fairly inexpensive, comfortable, and quick drying.

A table and cooler are a must have to keep your food safe form the elements and harmless critters. Picture this: you and your loved ones gathered around the table, indulging in a delightful picnic comfortably and bug free. Freshly prepared sandwiches, cool beverages, and refreshing fruits will tantalize your taste buds as you savor the natural beauty that surrounds you. The cooler will keep your goodies chilled and ready for a delicious feast while a table keeps your food and beverages safe from crawlers.

Now, let's dive into the main attraction—the crystal clear springs and the lazy river. Floating devices and snorkel gear are absolute must-haves for a day of aquatic exploration. The gentle current of the lazy river will carry you along, as you gaze into the pristine depths below. With snorkel gear in hand, you'll have the chance to discover the hidden wonders of this underwater paradise. Observe the vibrant school fish darting through the vegetation, the turtles hiding under rocks in the water, and let the current take you down the beautiful, clear blue waters.

As the day unfolds, embrace the spirit of adventure and bring along a portable speaker and a blanket so you can lay out and soak up the sun after being in the chilly water. With your favorite tunes playing softly in the background, you can lie on the blanket, basking in the warm sunlight, and let the melodies transport you to a place of pure bliss.

Don't let this paradise remain a distant dream; seize the opportunity to experience the wonder of this wonderful Florida Springs firsthand. Gather your loved ones, pack your bags with the must-have items we've discussed, and head to Apopka for an adventure you'll cherish forever at Rock Springs/Kelly Park. Rock Springs State Park awaits, with its clear blue springs, lazy river, and a vibrant tapestry of natural beauty. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, lounge under the warm Florida sun, and let the enchantment of this magical place wash over you.

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